Care a la Carte

Even when your life is running smoothly, and you don’t need assistance on a regular basis, there are situations that arise that might present a challenge to you. Perhaps you want to visit your sister in Maine but can’t drive that far, or maybe you need a ride to a medical appointment in Springfield or Boston.

We can help. Our Care a la Carte is our most flexible service line, through which we can provide short-term specialty support.

Here are some ways we can help:

  • Transportation in the Valley – to physician appointments, day-stay surgical procedures, or to the spa or hair salon.

  • Fill-in care on a weekend while your daughter or son who normally cares for you is away.

  • Travel out of state with an aide.
  • Special events such as weddings, where you may want some extra assistance.
  • Bucket list adventures. Insert your ideas here.

Let us be your go-to problem-solvers. You won’t want to see us go.